How to get cheap car insurance

Car insurance costs vary depending on age, location, car and the type of policy you choose. The Fully Comprehensive package has the higher level of protection because it covers the damage of all parties involved, including your own. But how can you lower the price of your insurance?

Choose carefully
Don’t buy cars with large engines or with “sport “ as a part of its description. Take into consideration the value of the car when it is new and the maintenance costs. Group 1 cars like VW Up!, Suzuki Alto, Ford Ka, Citroen C1 and Toyota Yaris are the cheapest to insure. If you have an older car you might want to look into some classic car insurance quotes. Older cars are usually cheaper to insure but that does not apply to classic cars which can be a lot more expensive than the latest models. The value of the car is an important element that car insurance companies use in order to calculate premiums so choose your car wisely. Avoid insuring your vehicle during the winter season because premiums are more expensive due to frequent accidents caused by snow and rain. Choose a yearly policy instead of a six month one so the rate doesn’t change for a longer period of time.

Avoid a dirty record

Your insurance is influenced by your driving record and the number of accidents you have. A speeding ticket increases the price of your premium because you become a risk driver. A clean record will get you the cheapest car insurance. Your area rating also affects the way insurance companies value you premium. An area with a high crime rate rises the chance of your vehicle being damaged or stolen. Try not to make a claim on minor damages like bumps or scratches on your vehicle because it will stay on your record for 3 years. It is cheaper to fix it yourself!

Save money while driving

The Usage Based Auto Insurance Device or pay how you drive (PHYD) allows you to save money based on your driving patterns. The device plugs into the car and sends data to the insurance company about the way you drive. The simplest form calculates the insurance premium according to how, when and where you drive. Coverage is based on the mileage, odometer readings, data life speed, time of day and driving actions. Usually drivers adopt safer practices that reflect in the cost of the insurance for that month. If you own a classic car which you rarely drive the classic car insurance quotes could include a discount for low mileage.

Multiple car discount

Sometimes insuring two cars with the same company can result in the same price as insuring one, or slightly higher. Ask your agent for a multiple car discount or check your online insurance quote to find out more about the offer. If you already have a multiple car discount but plan on selling one of the cars, consider keeping it on liability because sometimes the price can increase when you take a car off the insurance.

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