Auto racing-Short overview

NASCAR races are the most popular races in the world. Although the fact that men like cars is undisputed, it is still hard to believe that a racing competition can attract so much interest. In order to fully understand the fascination for this type of racing there are a few things that we must take into account.

  • Racing history

Stock car racing defines racing competitions that don’t use professional race cars. Initially stock cars were not modified from their original factory configuration but in time they came to define all cars that were not designed solely for racing. This type of racing has its origins in the prohibition era and has a rather dirty background. It started due to the smugglers’ need to modify their cars in order to outrun the authorities. Furthermore in order to improve their driving skills they started to organize races between friends. Later on the fame of the competitions attracted even more enthusiasts and eventually they became organized events. The creator of NASCAR, Bill France anticipated the need for an organized set of rules and made it its mission to govern over these types of events.

  • Increasing popularity

Since its creation in 1948 NASCAR has become the major institution that governs and sanctions stock car racing.  Furthermore it has turned into a sort of authority when it comes to all sorts of automobile racing and in terms of sports it is similar to a national league. A lot of people buy Nascar tickets and enjoy watching the competitions live, but many more watch the events from the comfort of their home. NASCAR television ratings are only surpassed by the National Football league. Although nowadays auto racing is very popular all over the world, the USA is still the proffered ground for these competitions.

  • The speed thrill

Most men like to believe that they can drive a car as well as any professional driver. However few ever experience the thrill of running on the racing tracks with 200 miles per hour. For the few drivers that are privileged enough to enjoy this experience there can be no greater feeling. Furthermore winning an event will bring you not only a personal satisfaction but also your fans’ and colleagues’ respect. Auto racing is not a team competition, it’s each man for himself and the pressure is very high. The most consecrated drivers have won multiple competition and struggle to defend their titles and records every year.

  • NASCAR series

Although there are various racing series, some of them are more popular than others.The Nationwide series is a competition dedicated mainly to new talents that wish to prove themselves and advance to higher leagues. On the other hand the Sprint Series is a top racing competition where only the most skilled drivers participate. If you are a true supporter of auto racing make sure not to miss this year’s Nationwide and Sprint Cup series.

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