2012 Victory Vegas

It is official the new cruiser 2012 Victory Vegas will be launched next year, it is new image and design for the all American cruiser.  This model of Vegas was designed in a way that it can tackel any road on the map without cutting away from the power of the engine. The engine of the Victory Vegas was upgraded to a V twin Freedom of 106 cubic inch with 97 horse power, all in order to achieve the perfect American cruiser.

The profile of the 2012 Victory Vegas is the same as the one from the previous models. This means that riders will not get disappointing. When the bike was constructed the engineers did not cut from the style and add to performance or the other way around, they made a bike which can be easily driven the same on the highway, on the boulevard and on the country road. When you drive this bike you get the same intensity and the roar of the engine on all types of roads.

It may seem that we are exaggerating when we are talking about this amazing bike, the 2012 Victory Vegas but it is the truth. Our advice its to go to a dealership near you and ask for the model and you will see with your own eyes that what we are talking about is true. A great idea is to take the bike for a ride and see how it is. You will immediately see why many riders have fallen in love with this Vegas cruiser.

At the beginning of the construction process the team from Vegas took all the engine parts, transmission and design and upgraded them. It is so obvious that they managed to take their project to the next level. About 40 % of the drive train is completely new for 2011. Now we are going to present to you some of the new instruments which were included on the bike:

  • The back lighting is blue
  • The speedometer is analog
  • It has a large LCD where you can see the clock, the tachometer, gear position and diagnostic readouts which the specialists from the Vegas dealership need to read
  • We have the fuel gauge where you can see how much fuel you have left

The price is estimated to be around 14.499 $ for the 2012 Victory Vegas and we think that it is a fare price for such a beautiful cruiser.

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