2012 Victory High-Ball

One bike which everybody is looking forward to see is the 2012 Victory High-Ball which will hit the market next year. It is a bold model, classic but who does not make any compromises when it comes to performance. When the bike was built the central element was the engine, a V twin 106 Freedom. An ideal engine for a Victory because it brings all the power and agility you would expect from this manufacturer. If you are old school and a born rider than you will fall in love with this bike it will make turn on the engine and never look back.

The wheels on the 2012 Victory High-Ball are 16 inches. The wheels also contribute to the old school design, they have an old school lace style with white sidewalls. In order to keep the bobber style the fenders were made short but not too short, they still protect the rider from whatever the road brings.

The engine of the 2012 Victory High-Ball is a V twin 106 Freedom with power of about 97 horse power and 113 ft.-lb. of torque. Unlike other bikes the Victory High-Ball does not have exhaust pipes made out of chrome, it has a good layer of black paint. The entire bike is black which means that if you ever want to blend with the pavement you can do it with this one.

The Victory High-Ball got very positive reviews so far and we are sure that they will keep on coming because Victory has never let us down. The model has not chrome on it which means that if you are a fan of chrome this may not be the bike for you. However, if you are old school you will really enjoy it.

The estimated price for the 2012 Victory High-Ball is set at 13.499 $ without any additional options that you may choose to add. We think that it is a very reasonable price given the fact that it has a powerful engine and a low seat which give the rider great comfort when he is out on the road for long periods of time. All in all it is a good bike and we cannot wait to see it in showrooms. As we have told you at the beginning the model will be available next year after the official launch which we do not know where it will take place yet.

2012 Victory High-Ball Picture

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