2011 Honda Fury IMS Project Bike

This year the 2011 Honda Fury IMS Project Bike was launched on the market and Motorcycle USA was asked to sponsor Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Shows which meant that they had to give away a certain number of this model.  Actually the Motorcycle USA had to give away a custom bike made by them and that is how the Honda Fury was born. In their LA office the guys had some bike parts from the previous Honda Fury which were just waiting to be put to great use. All the bike parts were old school, with gold metal flakes.  The paint was extraordinary, it shinned at every glimmer of sunlight.

The team had only three weeks to finish this project in their office in Oregon, LA.  When the stock arrived at the office of the team which had to assemble the 2011 Honda Fury it had black frames and wheels which was great because they matched with the gold metal flakes which we mentioned earlier. Since they received all the elements that they needed they started to work on the 2011 Honda Fury because they did not have much time to finish it.

They started with the rear and the first thing they did was take out the stock turn signals which were sticking out on the left and right and replaced them with the Mean’s Honda Fury LED which fit perfectly because the cut from the rear was made for LED lights. This way they also managed to keep the rear clean.  After they were done the rear looked amazing, you could barely see the LEDs and this is how it should be, you should only notice them when you are pushing the break or flip a signal.

The engine on the 2011 Honda Fury IMS Project Bike is very powerful and it resembles to the one on the previous model. You might need to also check some free life insurance quotes available online and pick one if you are that type of person that likes to drive the roads at full speed. This was another element which the team had to work on and they managed to obtain an excellent result. The Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Shows took place at the International Motorcycle Shows where the model was revealed. It got a lot of positive reviews and we could not be happier. The bike look amazing, it is a combination between the old and the new but in a very eye catching way. We hope that you liked the 2011 Honda Fury IMS Project Bike and that you will buy one for yourself.

2011 Honda Fury IMS Project Bike Picture Gallery

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